Zodiaq Countertops Virginia

Engineered Stone – Zodiaq

Zodiac is considered a composite material made mostly of quartz as well as polymers and pigments that are developed and formed to create a new material that is both luxurious and bold. Zodiac is considered an eye catching option for those that look for clarity, consistency in color, strength, and durability.

Zodiac is applicable for both vertical and horizontal applications.

Why Quartz ?

Quartz is the material that is not only used for jewelry but also different timepieces where elegance, sophistication, and detail is required. It is found in the ground, sand, and in rock formations. Quartz is known for its extreme density and radiance.

With Quartz, the customer has hundreds of options to select from as this mineral naturally varies in color, types, and forms of appearance.


Zodiaq® is not only a durable material but its strength far exceeds its counterparts. Zodiaq® is both a tough and durable material that ranks 7 out of 10 in Moh’s hardness scale. It is because of this that scratches, chips, and cracks do not effect this stone type. With Zodiaq®, dulling is non-existent and the life time of this far exceeds its counterparts.

Also, Zodiaq® functions as a stain resistant and non-porous surface that proves to be very functional in terms of it not needing any type of sealant as it is naturally protected by its surface.


If you are looking for a very hygienic and sanitary option, look no further, this material protects against the growth of bacteria and absorption of liquids. Also, this material proves to be non-toxic, and chemically non-reacting. It is both a certified and tested produced that is recognized for its high standards and cleanliness.

Workable like stone

Zodiac is able to form or be shaped in any form you so desire. The material can be cut and fit with minimal tools to ensure a coherent look and finish during installation.

This material and the option you select is promised to be uniform in color, have an amazing finish and for this reason we offer an exceptional warranty that far exceeds anyone else’s.

Zodiaq® is offered with a ten year limited warranty from DuPont and is serviced by our top-notch service agents and professional team members.