Stainless Steel Sinks For Every Kitchen

Stainless steel sinks are the go to option and the industry standard for durability and practicality. Stainless steel offers the strength and testament needed from a heavy usage area. Using stainless steel sinks for your needs not only provides the protection your home or business wants, but the promise of durability and strength for a lifetime.

Royal sinks is proud to offer qualified products that exceed industry standards and expectations. Royal sinks is known for its versatile products and the positive and innovative production methods of its sinks.

Their limited lifetime warranty DOES NOT COVER the following:

  • Improper installation/modification
  • Damages resulting from abuse, misuse, accidents, environmental factors
  • Improper care or maintenance
  • Improper applications such as exposure to corrosive chemicals, etc.
  • Commercial applications
  • Any modifications made to the product after it left Royal USA premises
  • Surface Scratches. (Scratches are inevitable in any sink material, including stainless steel. Over time these scratches will become uniform with the sink’s grain)

Maintenance instructions for stainless steel sink:

We recommend use of mild liquid dish detergent and water to clean the product after use. Rinse carefully with water and dry. This will help you keep the original quality of your Stainless Steel Sink. Stainless Steel does not rust. Rust stains are a result of iron particles, from outside sources such as cookware, water, steel wood pads etc., that eventually develop into rust spots.

Please keep in mind:

  • Do not use scouring powder or steel wool to clean the surface.
  • Avoid use of Chlorine-based solutions
  • Silver polish leaves spots and it is not removable.
  • Acidic foods should be cleaned immediately.
  • Sharp objects can scratch the surface.
  • Do not let liquids dry on the surface.