Silestone Countertops

Engineered Stone – Silestone

Silestone is known for being both a product with great definition and functionality.

The original Silestone® polished quartz surface.

Silestone was engineered to glimmer and shine its radiance and smooth surface feel vs. that of natural stone. Silestone features a polished surface which not only remains classy and durable but a catchy trend globally.

The uniqueness of Silestone is shown in its scratch and stain resistant qualities due to the fact that this engineered rock is formed from natural quartz making it extremely reliable time and time again.

Unique Textures

Silestone has the ability to be formed into multiple textures and formats. It has taken on a new look and finish with a leather twist to the already popular product. Silestone leather, created in 2006, has created both beauty and an inspired matte and smooth texture that so many people fan and go with. This stone provides both the smooth texture and honed stone that people search for.

Color and Depth

Currently, Silestone is featured in 50 different colors, it was first created 20 years ago featuring only 12 different color options, making it a sophisticated stone that has changed over time to meet the design features and color choices that people look for. Silestone offers a wide array of dimensions and sizes to better suit every demand for mixing color and three-dimensional projects.

Composition and Pattern

Silestone is featured for its composition and pattern time and time again. The engineered stone offers colors that are both natural and dynamic to provide for a brilliant finish.
Silestone offers both homogenous patterns as well as more color selections filled with movement and character. The stone is known for its customizable characteristic and its functionality for being able to outperform other less customizable options.


Silestone is both versatile in look and finish. The basic foundation of the stone makes it a very good option for different applications.

Such applications include but are not limited to: countertops in kitchen and bathroom, table tops, floors, shelving, vertical walls, backsplashes, shower walls, cladding, and other parts of the home or business space.

Built-in microban antimicrobial product protection

The microban feature of this product makes it both durable and able to withstand the testament of time and usage.

Cosentino S.A. Silestone Quartz Surfaces Limited 15-Year Warranty for North America

GraniteVision is proud to offer a very competitive 15 year limited warranty to cover any and all manufacturing defects. GraniteVision is proud to offer our customers with a great product and a long-term warranty that hopes to put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your classy, and durable new Silestone project.