Learn Why the Price of Granite Countertops Varies

Splendid countertops can be made if the granite is properly polished and shaped. Such transformed countertops can transform the interiors of any home. The beauty of the granite along with the innate quality that it has like not getting damaged easily can be an asset to any home.

Granite countertops offer the best in aesthetic value; there are many reasons for choosing granite as a counter top, however here are our five valid reasons:

  • 1. Durability, durability, durability.
  • 2. Natural, unique and timeless beauty
  • 3. Won’t go out of style.
  • 4. Low in maintenance
  • 5. Increases home value.

When you are thinking of installing granite in your home you should know that the price of granite is based on per square foot basis. The price range varies between $60 and $180 a square foot.  This is just the cost of the granite; other related costs have to be added when you are calculating the ultimate cost of installation. At Columbus Garnite & Marble we make sure you get the best granite price in the area.

You can get the job done in various ways. For example you can do it on you own, you can hire an independent granite installer to do the job or you can get it done through a package system.

If you do some research you will find companies that offer complete service in a package form. They will process the stone as per your requirement; transport them to your place of work, and do the installation. If you decide to get the job done through this system then you will have to pay an additional cost that may vary between $10 and $30 a square feet in addition to the cost of the granite. The cost will depend on the reputation of the supplier, but whatever be the cost, you are sure to get very good results. More you need not worry about anything going wrong. Reputed suppliers will also be ready to offer you a warranty against their workmanship.


If, however, you want to keep the worktop price within your budget, the only way you can do so is by doing the job yourself. But then, this can only be possible if you have the required skills and also the equipments and tools that will be required to do the job. It has been seen that you can bring the installation cost down from $700 to $500. Those who have the adequate skill and experience in this industry should attempt to do it otherwise not.

Previously granite was cut into large slabs which were high on costs. Today, with the advancement in cutting technology, small and thin granite tiles are being cut. These granite tiles costs less, which has helped in bringing down the overall cost of granite. With the costs coming down more people are able to afford granite for renovation of their homes. Now those who can afford to pay $25 to $40 per square foot can now choose granite as countertops. However, one thing that you should keep in mind when you use these tiles is that you have to use them with care as they are a bit fragile than the granite slabs.

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