Installing Granite Counter Top

Building industry has been using granite for its various uses due to the nature of the stone, which is very durable and its harness property comes only after diamond.  Due to this characteristic it is not affected by pollution or by erosion and this is the reason why granite has become so popular and important all over the world.

Granite is just one kind of crystalline igneous rock formed from magma. Granite is composed of mica, quartz, silicon, feldspar, and other minerals and comes in a vast array of colors and patterns. It is found in the Earth’s continental crust and has a medium- to coarse-grained texture that is characteristic of the material. But while there are other variants of igneous rocks around, granite has that certain shine and solid feel not present in other rocks of similar nature. Usually found in large reserves, granite can only be obtained through extensive quarrying and mining methods. This is because most piles of granite rocks are infused with other types of rocks due to its intrusive qualities.

Granite is preferred over other similar materials for kitchen counter top because granite can stand up to heat from cookware. Granite counter tops are used in bathrooms as well. When you are thinking of installing new counter tops in you home, you need to follow the steps mentioned below for better result.

1. Choosing the stone – there are large varieties of natural stones that are available. You should consult a certified interior designer in order to determine the type of stone that you will need for your home in keeping with the theme or design of the space. However, it will be best if you can pay a visit to your local stone company’s showroom in order to get the true feel of the stone and also to get some samples to match it physically with your need.

2. Choose the edges – with the main features of the kitchen you have to choose the type of edge that will fit the countertop. Styles of the cabinets also need to be taken into consideration when selecting this detail. For example, a square edge will match best with shaker style cabinet door. The sub structure of the cabinet can be lined with ply wood to make the counter strong.

3. Choose the cutouts – proper cutouts are required to be made in the counter top in order to fix the sinks. The sinks can be either bottom mounted or can be top mounted. It will be better to hire a professional person to do the job.

4. Choose the sealant – immediately after installing the counter top you should use proper sealant to seal your granite. You need to choose the sealant according to the material of the counter top.

5. Choose your cleaner – granite should be maintained properly on a regular basis. Sealing the granite is not the end in itself. Granite can get stained by blood from meat the fish, therefore clean the spot immediately with water and mild soap. Oil spills also need to be cleaned immediately.

Use of granite for countertop is not only for its aesthetic looks, it is also a way you can enhance the value of your home.

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