Granite Countertops VS Marble Countertops

If you are turning your bathroom or kitchen into a luxurious one then you need to use appropriate counter tops for the right effect. For a luxurious impression granite and marble are the current craze. These natural stones are the choice of those who want the touch of their dreams in their homes. Between the two types of stones which one will be the best is the moot point.

Since it is your baby, you have to make the choice and that you can only do if you know the difference between the two. Therefore learning about the two stones will give you a better chance to decide.

What is the difference between Granite and Marble?

Now let’s look at the different characteristics of granite and marble. Granite has been formed from molten magma whereas marble is formed through geological process consisting of sedimentary carbonate rocks like limestone. Granite is a complex mixture of feldspar, mica, silicon, quartz and many other minerals and exists in a large array of beautiful colors having a grained texture. Marble on the other hand are light in color with veining patterns. Due to the porous nature of marble it is sensitive to etching and scratching from acidic foods and drinks. On the other hand granite can withstand heat when hot cookware is put on it whereas marble in such a situation will blister. However due to their porous characteristic both are susceptible to staining.

Therefore to prevent staining sealants are applied on the surface of both after installation. Thereafter you have to reseal the counter tops at regular intervals. In case of marble, resealing need to be done nearly every six months or once a year and for granite resealing need to be done once in every one to three years. The process of resealing is simple and can be done quite easily. The frequency of resealing largely depends on the type of stone you are using and the amount of use the counter tops are subjected to. Darker stones are denser while the lighter stones are more porous and less dense. If you clean the surface of the stones with specially formulated products the life of the sealer will get prolonged which incidentally will prolong the life of the material. This way the counter tops will remain beautiful for a long time. If you use cleaning agents that are chemically formulated then you will find the protective sealants fading away rather fast.

If your kitchen counter top is heavily used then it would be better if you choose granite as counter top. Granite is able to resist heat when hot kitchen ware is placed on with no fear of blistering. On the other hand if you are not using the kitchen extensively then you can choose marble.

Marble, on the other hand, is popularly used extensively in bathrooms and vanities due to its light color and lighter in weight than granite. When you look at the cost factor of both the stones, it largely depends on the factors like color and finish. These stones are mostly imported and therefore the cost will also depend upon the country from which they are imported.

When you are looking for the right type of counter tops you should pay a visit to our convenient showroom and see for yourself instead of selecting through pictures and samples because any two slabs are not the same.

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