Engineered Stone – Cambria

Cambria is not only a good selection for those looking for the warm and beauty of quartz, but it is also extremely strong and durable. Cambria is created from natural stones that forms a non-porous surface, unlike granite and its porous nature.

Cambria is both a beautiful and very functional mineral that allows for safe food preparation and hygienic protection as well as other uses. Cambria is also certified by the NSF International agency as it far exceeds the standards of quality needed in certain sanitation environments. Cambria can also be compared to stainless steel in that it is very easy to clean and both stain resistant and bacteria resistant.

Beauty starts with Cambria and ends with luxury. Cambria is known to be the perfect way to add a touch of elegance with a maintenance free stone that will always deliver.

Benefits of Cambria

Cambria far exceeds its counterparts in beauty, durability, and more. Take a closer look at all the benefits of this stone:

  • Strength & Durability- Twice as durable as granite tops making it the go to option for stronger material selection.
  • Maintenance Free – Known for its virtually non-existent maintenance schedule that far exceeds many of the competitor products. Cambria needs no sealing or polishing and a simple wash is good for cleaning its non-porous surface.
  • Food Safe – Be proud to know that with Cambria, all food safety standards are met and exceeded due to its surface qualities and its overall durability.
  • All Natural – The stone is known for being all natural quartz and mined directly from crystal found in the earth.
  • Everlasting Value – Cambria keeps on giving time and time again with its strength and performance advantages making it the go-to stone for value that won’t go away over time.
  • Guaranteed – Cambria will speak for itself for years to come but just in case, Flintstone is ready to offer all Cambria purchases a 10-year limited warranty to ease your mind and protect your purchase.

Cambria far exceeds any stone in durability, strength, beauty, and more. With Cambria, you unlock the beauty of natural quartz and enable the luxurious touch you so desire.

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