Caesarstone Countertops Virginia

Engineered Stone – Caesarstone

CaesarStone offers both form and function and allows for a more diverse and durable countertop that far exceeds the qualities of both marble and granite tops.

CaesarStone is formed of 93% crushed quartz and is naturally one of the hardest minerals known to man. The quartz is combined with other polymer resins and pigments to establish a combination of vibration, vacuum, and pressure dense slabs. These slabs are both non-porous and cured to measure precise thickness and shine.

This material can be used for both residential and commercial buildings to meet the expectations of those in search for toughness and reliability against general wear and tear. CaesarStone is beautiful for every job in mind and ready to be shaped and formed for your dream project.

Performance Comparison

CaesarStone against natural stone has been found to be the leader in flexural, compressive, impact, and water absorption strength tests.

The CaesarStone Advantage

CaesarStone offers clear advantages over natural stone, those advantages being the weaknesses or impurities found in natural minerals. CaesarStone is both stronger and more durable making it the go-to option if you are looking for a cleaner, safer, and more consistent surface.